Dental problems such as cavities, tartar and periodontal disease are often found in cats and dogs. By the age of 3, most cats and dogs will have one or more of these conditions. Just like in humans, bad dental health often means that there are other health problems present. And just like with humans, dental problems in pets generally get worse over time. This makes quickly diagnosing and treating dental problems an indispensable part of your pet’s basic care. 

Does Your Pet Have Dental Problems?

If your dog or cat has dental disease, you may not notice any symptoms at first. Whether or not you see any problems, bringing your pet in for a dental cleaning should happen by the time they are three years old. After that, one checkup and cleaning per year will be enough to catch and treat any dental problems that develop.

If you notice that your dog or cat has breath that smells sour, you see teeth that are missing or broken, or the teeth are discolored, your pet may have serious dental problems. Other symptoms that may indicate dental disease are:

  • Behavior problems like excessive irritability
  • Cheeks, jaw or gums that are swollen
  • A dark build-up of material at the base of each tooth
  • Trouble eating or eating far less than usual
  • Problems with chewing such as food falling out during chewing or more drooling than normal
  • Bleeding anywhere in the mouth
  • Pain in the face, including the jaw and cheeks

Often, you can tell if a pet is in pain when they don’t want to be touched on the face, including anywhere around the mouth.

Pet Dental Services

Many of the dental exams that are given to pets are much like the dental care that humans receive. To prevent fear and pain, your pet will be sedated to make the experience a comfortable one. Then, your dog or cat will have a full dental exam. If needed, we can do dental x-rays for better identification of the problems. The teeth are cleaned, including the removal of the plaque build-up, and then polished for a clean mouth. If your pet needs surgery for serious dental problems like abscesses, or infections that require a tooth to be removed, we are also able to provide that service.

For a clean mouth without dental pain, please contact us today to schedule your appointment!