Doctors in China have used traditional acupuncture to treat human patients and their animal companions for thousands of years. That is why MuraBella Animal Hospital is pleased to provide Pet Acupuncture in Saint Augustine, FL. Dr. Alyce Sims earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Auburn University in 1967, and she is certified in Pet Acupuncture by the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Acupuncture is often the first form of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. During your pet acupuncture appointment, Dr. Sims will conduct an examination and diagnose your pet before beginning any treatment. She will explain the procedure to you beforehand. An acupuncture session will involve the insertion of sterile needles into very specific points on the body. The needles trigger a biochemical reaction that can relieve pain and help stimulate healing in the tissues of a sick or injured pet. Pet acupuncture has no known side effects, and the procedure is minimally invasive. Humans sometimes experience a tingling sensation when the needles are first inserted, so it’s likely that some animals feel the same way about the procedure. However, pets frequently become relaxed and sleepy once the acupuncture needles are in place.

Benefits of Pet Acupuncture Treatments

Pet acupuncture can be used as a standalone treatment for some conditions, or as a holistic companion treatment with other procedures. For example, chemotherapy treatments for cancer can cause a lot of discomfort in pets; acupuncture can help calm the pet, so that healing can be better facilitated. Acupuncture also increases circulation, which can aid in the treatment of conditions as varied as gastrointestinal problems or asthma. Pet acupuncture can also be extremely beneficial during the rehabilitation process after a pet has been injured. A calm and relaxed pet stands a better chance of healing and avoiding re-injury!

Uses for Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing properties over time, so keep in mind that more than one treatment will likely be needed to see results. Pet acupuncture has been used to in the treatment of the following:

  • Pain
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Skin and coat problems
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Pet anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Weakened immune system
  • Urinary tract problems

Schedule an Appointment for Pet Acupuncture

If your four-legged companion is sick, injured or suffering from anxiety or an immune disorder, it may be time to consider acupuncture treatments. Contact Shores Animal Hospital today at  904-496-0400 to schedule a pet acupuncture appointment.