It’s hard to see your pet going through an illness or an injury. When your pet isn’t feeling well, we’re here to help with our full-service practice that has the diagnostic equipment needed to isolate the problem and its solution.

Ultrasounds and X-Rays

To find out exactly what is causing pain in your pet, we have on-site ultrasound equipment as well as x-ray machines. An ultrasound can be used to find internal problems like tissue masses, organ damage or internal bleeding. Ultrasounds can also be used to monitor a pet’s pregnancy. The ultrasound is an excellent way to look internally at your pet with no invasive tools being needed.

When it comes to injured or broken bones, we have x-ray machines ready to be used on-site. These are powerful non-invasive diagnostic tools that are invaluable for pinpointing the exact problem in your pet. X-rays can even be used to find and diagnose heart, stomach and intestinal problems as well as other abdominal issues. Once the problem has been found, the right treatment can be decided.

Heart and Circulatory System Diagnostics

Seeing the electrical activity inside the heart of your dog or cat can make a big difference in his care, and we do this on-site with our EKG (electrocardiogram) machine. This testing can reveal problems with the heart’s electrical rhythm as well as any irregularities. We also take blood pressure readings and can do blood work on site. The CBC (complete blood count) test is a common way to test the blood for a number of different diseases and conditions. With a blood test, we can find problems with your pet’s immune system, cholesterol levels that are too high, low blood sugar and other problems that may need treatment.

Pet Eye Exams

Just like humans, cats and dogs are susceptible to many problems with their eye health and need regular eye exams to check for those problems. We use a tonometry test to test the eye’s pressure to find conditions like eye inflammation and glaucoma.

When your pet needs a checkup or treatment for a disease or injury, we are here and ready to do our best to diagnose the problem for the speedier treatment of your companion.